Activities in The Moosehead Lake Area

We are but eight miles from the nearest town; Rockwood. Yet the tranquility of Tomhegan Cove is a great location for your get-away or base of operations for sporting activities.

Year around there is plenty to do, more places to explore, and more adventures for all family members than could be accomplished in a lifetime. That's the way it is in the Northwoods.

Summertime activities:

We have canoes and kayaks for rent which are ideal for exploring the nearby stream flowing into the Lake, or finding a good fishing hole! Flat-water kayaks and motorboats can be rented from various outfitters in town.


For hiking enthusiasts there are numerous trails of varying degree of difficulty. Many leading such famous vantage points as Mount Kineo and Big Squaw Mt. and Big Spencer Mt.

There are good restaurants in town but a broader offering including fine dining experiences can be found in the neighboring villages of Jackman and Greenville. Both are but 35 minutes away. And you might just see a moose or two on your way.


If you would prefer to just relax with a book on the porch or the dock, the only disturbance will be call of the loon and maybe a few mosquitoes at dusk.

Winter Activities:

With some warm clothing and proper footwear, the snowy season can be just as enjoyable as any other time of the year. The ice fishing right infront of the dock has yielded some fine brookies, salmon and togue (our name for lake trout).


Snowmobilers have easy access to the ITS trail system from the cabins. It is just three minutes away. Sled rentals are available in town. Nordic skiers and snowshoers will find the entire region filled with bush-whacking opportunities and groomed trails nearby. Again, rentals are readily available.